Zen Meditation: Is This Tool Missing from Your Life Coaching Practice?

Meditation Instructor

:person_in_lotus_position: My name is Alex, and I am a meditation instructor with over 10 years of experience in meditation, specializing in a traditional Zen style called ‘zazen’, which mainly consists of simply observing your own experience, but even that explanation really doesn’t do it any justice. Also, don’t be fooled: When it comes to mindfulness and self-awareness, great simplicity means great power.

:earth_americas: Location: Utah, USA - Mountain Time (UTC-7:00)

:moneybag: Pricing & Payment:
1-on-1 sessions: $5 / £3.66 for 30-minute sessions, $10 / £7.32 for 60-minute sessions.
Group sessions (2 or more people): $20/hr. (£14.64)
NOTE: These prices are the lowest prices of any teacher selling meditation instruction here on TalkTime that I could find.
All payments are via PayPal, and I’m willing to discuss alternative compensation if money is tight.

:clock2: Sessions:
Sessions are held via Skype or Google Meet, although sessions by phone are also available for those who can’t do video calls. Sessions are between 30 & 60 minutes, depending on your prior experience.

:brain: The Benefits in a Nutshell:
Many spiritual practices and even modern science agree that regular meditation makes your mind stronger. Most of the feelings we have of being overwhelmed or aggravated beyond what we can handle come from our minds being pushed beyond our threshold of resilience. When we strengthen our resilience, we get stressed out less and life becomes more peaceful and pleasant. Meditation is a proven way to strengthen mental resilience without equipment, exercise, or diet. It’s a scientifically sound and spiritually effective way to more fully own yourself and reclaim your own mind, no matter what your goals are.

Meditation is a must-have tool for any spiritual practitioner, therapist, life coach, energy healer, or counselor. It is a kind of meta-practice that can serve to enhance the practices, methods, and techniques of the practitioner without compromising the integrity of their program. Also, if properly taught to their clients it will accelerate their progress and reinforce their well-being. Best of all, the results of regular practice are profound and long-lasting. Expand the array of tools and methods you use to help people by harnessing the power of meditation.

:speech_balloon: Let’s Talk!
Have I touched on something you think would make you a better life coach? If I have, then please let me know and tell me what’s on your mind in the replies below! If I have described something above that you would like to try firsthand, then let’s schedule a session so you can experience the power of zazen meditation for yourself. Please send me a private message and we will set you up!

Live in peace,