You've got a Friend in Me!

It’s time to take back your life and OWN IT! Channel your inner Beyonce or Hemsworth!
I coach people how to live unapologetically themselves and tap into their authentic being.

Services I offer

Private 1-on-1

$50 / 20 minutes
$75 / 30 minutes
$150 / 1 hour

How to buy

Ask questions in the comments. Direct message me if interested and I will respond within 24 hours. Venmo will be used for transactions.

Fun fact about me

I have been an extra in tv shows and movies such as One Tree Hill, Revolution and The Longest Ride (I was on set with Scott Eastwood).


Hey y’all! My name is Erin and I currently live in Napa, CA and I am from Wilmington, NC. I am a free spirit and enjoy traveling! I earned two certifications in the past 6 months. I am a certified Nutrition Coach and a Turn Up Dance Instructor. I am passionate about living a healthy active lifestyle and enjoy helping others! I believe in personal development and becoming the best version of yourself every day. I am constantly learning and I would love to help you as a Life Coach as well. I am a great listener, I am open minded, I have positive energy and I would love to give advice to anyone who needs someone to talk to!


Precision Nutrition certified L1 Coach
Turn Up Dance Fitness Instructor
K-12 Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education


Active Listening, Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Leadership, Compassion, Motivation, Positive Energy, Networking, Adaptability, Empathy, Collaboration

Who this is for


What I will do

I will listen to you, have a friendly conversation with you and offer my advice/guidance. This will be a judgement free zone. I will offer you a safe environment to express yourself and will maintain an open mind when giving responses.


I will respect you and will keep our conversations confidential. I expect you to offer the same courtesy.

Why me

I believe that I have a lot of guidance to be able to give people who need it. I also believe my sole purpose in this life is to help others and create an impact. This is my true sovereignty and I want to share my light and love with others.