Your positive vibe

Hello! I am Marios,i come from Greece and i am the positive vibe you are searching for!

Most of the times i daydream and what is better than having dreams and following them?
I can talk for hours about dreams and how we can achieve them,because there is always a way.
I mean you can fail many times by following what you desire,but isn’t life exactly that?
I believe life is about getting punched in the face,falling down,it might take minutes,days,hours,or even years to get back up,but don’t give up!
What excuse you will have after giving up?
You are a powerful human being that came to this beautiful world for something.
Don’t let other people kill your vibe,don’t let other people make you live a life that is not your reality!
I hate when people do that.
You have the power in yourself!

This is just a small sample of what i can do. Bring out the power that you have and that smile that shines more than a freaking diamond!!

Let me know your thoughts,write below where do you need help,contact me.
That’s why i am here!

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Small Group

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  • Length: 2-weeks

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