Your are much more powerful than you think ... I have the proof!

Believe it or not, your words combined with your emotion that you feel when you say those words are very powerful.

You may be confused when I tell you that this emotion of yours is not only felt by the person addressed to it, but you begin to vibrate with that energy that spreads all around you and everything around you feels that emotion and absorbs it. This is not some science fiction theory, this is already scientifically proven, it’s just a question of when the world will wake up and realize that you are creating your own reality with your emotions, thoughts, words.

If you want to see for yourself, you can do the test yourself. The creator of this idea is the Japanese Masaru Emoto who wrote a book in 2004, which was the best seller and where he explained this “phenomenon”. The name of the book is " The Hidden Messages in Water" (this is the link).

For those who don’t want to read the whole book, in short:
Your emotions affect everyone around you (I have already written about this), especially when they are directed towards someone or something. You can do the test as Masaru Emoto did. The test is very simple and very interesting (I performed it with many other things, not just with water).

All you need are three transparent glass bottles or jars (maybe plastic, but due to the strength of the effect, it is important that they are transparent or colorless).

Next, pour tap water into all three bottles and stick on each bottle which word you would say to her every night before bed and every morning when you get up.

For example, paste “I love you” on one bottle and only say “I love you” to that bottle (water in it) every night and morning, but try to feel the feeling you are saying as authentically as possible, because the more realistic the feeling, the better the results will be.

On the second bottle, for example, paste or write that it is neutral and you don’t say anything to that bottle day or night, you simply ignore it, and on the last one, let’s say paste or write “I hate you” and try to really feel it when you say “I hate you” and send her that emotion.

Do this for a month or 3 weeks. What follows will be astonishing. After 3 weeks, put all three bottles in the freezer. When you take them out, you will be left without text, I guarantee you that.

Masaru Emoto 2

You can do the same experiment with rice (the results are immediately visible because you don’t have to freeze the rice).

So, my dear ones, the next time you say words, especially those that are supported by a large amount of emotions, pay good attention to which emotions you send to the universe. Because what you send in … is returned to you multiple.

I just hope you will realize how powerful you actually are.

Much love :heart: