Yoga to maintain mental and physical health

Private 1-on-1

  • Price:
    $10 per 45 mins session— yoga customized to your needs and issues.
  • Payment: PayPal

How to buy:
Comment below if you have questions or DM me if you’d like to buy.

Hi! Few years back I used to be a lazy anxious girl having bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Not just my body but even my skin would reflect my unhealthy Lifestyle. Then I tried my hands on zumba, aerobics, cardio and it worked for my body eliminating my laziness but my skin problems and anxiety didn’t come to an end with that. Then I got introduced to yoga and YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE. I became very cheerful, stress-free, got better in decision making, my skin got better etc etc. I Can’t stress enough on it’s benefits, it’s enormous.

What is this:
Overall, I am offering you customized yoga sessions, the power of India, in order to create awareness of yoga across the globe. This won’t be just generalized yoga poses but it would be yoga as per your troubles and keeping in mind your injuries.

What problem do you solve:
I help others to create a healthy habit and cater their needs at an affordable price.

Who is it for:
My coaching is for those who are aiming at better lifestyle at comfort of home but finding it difficult to afford those expensive personal trainer. This is to help people overcome mental and physical issuesm

Who do you enjoy working with:
I love to work with optimistic people who may have found themselves vulnerable to physical and mental issues at some point and are persistent to overcome this.

How will you help someone:
I try to create a simple step by step instructions for people to follow and make them feel relaxed with controlled breathing techniques.

Why are you passionate about this:
I am passionate about this because I know first hand how it feels when we find ourselves mentally messed up.

What’s your teaching style:
I like to keep things very friendly. I connect to people and empathize to understand their needs better.

What are your expectations:
I expect for those interested to focus on solutions and be persistent towards their goals. People are not supposed to think that their problems would end the first day, it takes time, efforts and patience but there would be a noticeable difference from day one.

What happens after someone buys:
After your purchase you will receive a personal message from me & I will begin working on your needs based on when it is received. Then we can have a 1 on 1 session of yoga as per fixed schedule.

Fun fact about me:
I am a cosmetologist in product making and love good skincare.

Hi Anusha!!

nice photo - the fact that you’re a cosmetologist really shows; your skin is glowing!
I manage the Art of Teaching Yoga, a free resource group supporting Yoga teachers on sequencing, training and finding clients that might be useful for you!

Happy to connect with you here :slight_smile:

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Hi Wenlin!
Thank you so much for the compliment. It’s so nice to connect you on personal level. Let me know if I can join you and work together as a team in any way.