Yoga instructor

It can be tough to be a yoga instructor in this new digital world.
I believe it is a mindset, we have to switch our mindset to match the vibration of what our current reality is, and things will start to flow.
The creative juices will come, once we are in open surrender to what is.
I love re-learning this lesson over and over again, whenever I get swayed off of that path, I am so deeply reminded by life, that we have to be in accordance with what is, why resist that which you can not control.
I surrender with deep love and openness to what is my current reality knowing that all shall pass, all is divinely planned and we never know the whole picture, so judging is futile and a waste of energy.

Peace out friends.

thank you for the remark, I moved it and replaced with this random journal entry.
thank you for spending time to read through.