Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Hi! I’m Margaret and currently living in Bronx, NY. I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher, aromatherapy specialist and soon to be holistic wellness coach. I am also fluent in English and Spanish. I specialize in using restorative yoga, breath work and meditation as way to deeply relax the body, still a busy mind, become grounded, improve mobility and flexibility, recalibrate the nervous system and relax into the present moment.

I began my yoga and meditation journey a few years ago, but really made it a part of my daily life after my son was born prematurely 2 years ago. I understand the importance to take restorative time for ourselves. Most of us lead a very busy life - with demanding jobs and personal responsibilities. It is easy to get caught up in the constant go of life which can leave us feeling depleated. This is why I focus on offering restorative yoga - becasue its is very important to take time out of our busy, demanding life to go within and restore our bodies, so that we may continue to offer our family, friends and the world our true and best self.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga, Breath work and Meditation:
-Deeply relaxes the body
-Stills the mind
-Releases muscular tension, improving mobility and flexibility
-Helps us become grounded
-Improves capacity for healing and balancing
-Balances the nervous system
-Boost the immune system
-Develops qualities of compassion and understanding towards others and self
-Increases feelings of gratitude


How It Works:

  1. Connect with me to discuss what you are looking for - To relax and rejuvenate? are you looking to be more mindful? more grounded? Open your chakras? feel more energized? improve sleep? become more flexible? improve muscle tension? or maybe you just want to try restorative yoga?

  2. I will ask you questions in order to properly design your class. We will discuss the type of restorative yoga you are looking for - are you looking for a deep stretch “yin” style class, or maybe a more relaxed - meditation heavy - “Nidra” style class. Are you comfortable with breath work? how much meditation do you want to incorporate in your class? are you comfortable with oracle cards?

  3. We will go over your preferences and limitations (if any) - maybe you prefer floor poses or maybe you like standing poses? We will discuss any limitations you may have, so you we can include modifications - or maybe they are some poses you want to avoid?

  4. After our discussion, we decide on a time and date for the class. Classes are held via Zoom.

  5. I will take some time to design your class.

  6. We show up for class. After class, you can decide if you would like to meet again or not and if you liked or disliked the class.

  7. I will advise on tips to do at home on your own to help with any imbalance you might be experincing - or just self care tips to do on your own.

Ask me your question in the comments.


Private 1-on-1 Classes:
Includes: yoga, breath work and meditation

  • 1 hr single class: $40/hr
    -Location: Zoom


  • 5 Classes: $160.00
  • 10 Classes: $250.00
    -15 Classes: $450.00

Small Groups:
Includes: Restorative yoga, breath work and meditation
-Group size: up to 10 ppl
-Price: $30PP
-Session length: 1hr
-Location: Zoom

Meditation Only Services:

Private 1-on-1 guided meditation

  • Single session: $25 for 30 min
  • 5 sessions: $85.00
    -10 sessions: $175.00
    -15 sessions: $275.00
    -Location: Zoom

Small Groups:
Includes meditation and talk
Group size: up to 10 ppl
-Price: $20PP
-Session length: 45min
-Location: Zoom

Community Workshop:
I offer a monthly restorative yoga and chakra balancing community workshop via The Aum Abode Virtual Studio.
-Price: $11
-Next workshop: 1/8
-Time: 6pm EST

Payment accepted for services:

How to book:
Direct message me or email me at
if you direct message me, I will respond on Talktime.

Love, Light and Gratitude!