Would you like to use your superconscious to remove subconscious resistance to change in your life?

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do or try to create positive change in your life, that there is some hidden force preventing it? If you answered yes then you should get in touch with me to set up a Clean Slate subconscious mind recode. You will be amazed at what hidden resistance or barriers your subconscious mind has put in place in its program to keep you from changing or stepping into the unknown. Our subconscious or unconscious mind doesn’t like change or the unknown and will do any and everything to keep you from doing so. This means even physical things such as panic attacks, diseases, fear and much more. The best news is you can reprogram this hidden program that runs in the background like a computer program. If you would like to know more or pricing please contact me here or at www.cleanslatehealthandwellness.com