WorldChanger Here And Try Me


Before We Start I Want To Take A Minute To Thank The TalkTime
Its Like They Created This Whole Method Just For Me
TalkTime Keep This Up And Help Lot Of People And Businesses

Now A Little About Me

My Name Is Dave Akilan AkA DeathDave
Im From India~TamilNadu~Dharapuram
I Am A Gamer YouTuber Entertainer WorldChanger
Like Literally I Want To Change The World
I Have No Education No Job And No Skill

Hold On Dont Laugh Hehe

I Want To Help Everyone But I Am Not A Professional In Particular Categories For Example I Cant Help With Mathematics I Don’t Even Know Basic Multiplication

That Being Said I Call Myself As An Advisor/Adviser
Meaning I Will Be Giving Ideas To Improve Particular Things For Example Game Development
And Note I Wont Be Doing Any Work

I Am Not A Doer Im A Sayer

So Contact Me If You Want To Develop Something Anything And Try Me See If My Ideas Do Make An Impact On Your Life Or Works Projects Jobs Companies Etc

Note My Ideas Aren’t A Gaureented Profitable Idea
My Ideas Are An Idea Which We Or You And Your Team Can Discuss And Upgrade My Ideas Or Customize It

And Im Also Available As a Friend To Talk To
I Will Do My Best To Make You Happy And Keep You In That State As Much As Possible :nerd_face:

You Can Find Me Anywhere But I Recommend Instagram

Our First Time Is Free If You Want It To Be :sunglasses:
Here’s How We Can Start Our Business

Ask Me Anything In The Comments Section
If You Would Like To Ask An Anonymous Question Go Ahead But Be Respectful And Awsome

If You Want Me To Look At Any Videos Pictures Games Etc You Can In The Comments Section With A Link Or Directly Send Them To Me

I Will Try To Be Active If Im Not And If Its An Emergency Remind Me In Instagram Asap

My Services After Our First Free Conversation

Private 1 On 1
Private Group Chats

Price: $5 / hour My Favorite Number Is 5
We May Increase Or Decrease The Price If Unfair

Location: Chatting Applications Etc No Video Calls Im A Shy Person Maybe In The Future
If Any Important Visual Only Conversation Then We Can Use A Video Calling Platform

No Packages For Now Might Include In Future

If Group Meetings

  • Team size (Up To 5 People)
  • Price: $5 Per Person
  • Length: Based On Projects
  • Meeting: Based On Everyones Schedule
  • Session length: Based On Projects
  • Telegram And Video Applications If Needed

Payments Accepted

How To Hire DaveAkilan

Message Him
He Will Contact You Under 5 Days By Sending You A Message In Talktime Or Where You Messaged Him

Interview With Talktime

What’s a fun fact about you?
I Am A YouTuber With 30 Subscribers

What can you talk about for hours?
Games Gaming Gamers GameDevelopments GameIdeas

What’s your favorite smell?
My Favorite Smell WoW I Have No Idea I Recently Thought About The Smell Of Dogs And How It Would Make Me Feel Happy Of Having A Dog As A Pet

What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?
Im Proud That I Dont Use Any Fake Misleading Thumbnails In My YouTube Videos

What’s one super power you would NOT want?
Instantly Defeat Someone in a Second

What is the most normal thing about you?
I lie in my bed all day long

What do you hate?
Bad people and those who lie and scam others
And other small things like while im talking to someone and if they are using their phones instead of having an real life conversation

Anything else that you’d like to share?
Again i want to thank talktimers team im very glad i have found you guys

My teaching style
I will be sending texts of what my ideas are
Which can increase your projects or lifes situation a bit or a lot

What can you expect from my lessons?
Happiness and Improvement

Why me?
I have no idea just try me and see if im worthy

Why I’m passionate about this?
I have no job and not willing to work in any job and maybe Basically i have no choice but i feel like this whole talktimers is based on my life

What else I can do?
I can be so lazy if thats a skill

And Thats All Hope I Can Make Everyone Happy While looking forward for My First 5 Dollar Salary