Workout plans/healthy food plans

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A young trainer who lives in Sweden , 22 years old and still growing , i want to share my story right here I was a small kid, skinny, party guy ! I wighted like 60 kg my height is 186 cm so it was a big different, then I started my journey from the boxing and I started lifting at the same time , here you can see some photos of me How I was and how I looking today ! It’s going to blow your mind

Huge transformation right ?
Training has their ways to train , you have to train your mind first before you are able you change your body !
“What the mind believe the body will flow”
That was my story I hope it gives you some motivation to start working out
I’m here to help you , send a message and let’s take your physic to next level !
Do you wanna to change your body ? Your hole life ! Your mindset , I’m here to give you all those if you wanna to make the big change buddy