Working Online (Student Life)

Hi, I am Ricardo, 20 years old student at the International Business School in China
I want to make some money to start my business and help my fam financially.

I can teach, Spanish, English, or French or work as an assistant as well, plus Iā€™m super chill and friendly so I can give advice to anyone :slight_smile:


Good for you! I do not have a need for an assistant or a second language teacher. Best of luck to you

Spanish English french wow well what are you waiting for you can earn in talktimers probably

Go an create a (offering help) post and tell about yourself and that you teach languages and can also be an assistant and theres an optional talkyimers interview of you want to attend its cool anyways

Make sure the tittle says
I teach spanish french and English and work as an assistant
Or something like that

Plus try other websites which lets you teach languages to students

Google it hehe

And your good to go

Hope i helped a bit


You can make a LinkedIn profile with all of your qualifications.
Then you can look and apply for long distance jobs.

Hi Ricardo, you can first start with Talktime to see some options that can work for you. If you are proficient in Spanish and French, the best way is to do translations which can help you gain money over time, also you can try to be remote virtual teacher. Couple of my friends swear by Fiverr for projects. You can probably have a look into it too.

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