Women's Wellness Coach

Hi! I’m Parinaz. I’m from Denver, Colorado and I support and empower women on their path toward optimal health and confidence in their mind and body.

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Are you seeking clarity and strength in your relationship to self and others? Do you want to sleep and eat in a way that is soothing and suited to your lifestyle? If you’re interested in elevating your health through Ayurvedic nutrition and exploring inner calm through yoga and mindfulness, then I can support you.

I will help you for free. Here’s how it works:
Ask me your question in the comments. You can ask anonymously and please be respectful.
Please allow 5 business days to reply (I usually am quicker than that!)

SERVICES (Private 1 on 1)
1 Hour Mindfulness & Breath-work Session: $100

1 Hour Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise Consultation: $100

45-minute Yoga/Barre/HIIT classes for individuals or groups: $65/hour

3-month 1:1 Guidance: $1500
-establish sleep, food, and exercise routines suited to your schedule & goals.
-develop a relationship to your body and mind through Ayurveda to help you thrive
and avoid energy slumps and improve confidence.
-receive a customized wellness plan made by me & my team that outlines specific
practices, routines, and foods tailored to your body’s unique constitution to find your
optimal strength, weight, and inner calm.
-receive guidance on balancing any symptoms of misalignment in your energy,
including insomnia, dry skin, rashes/acne, poor digestion, fear, self-doubt
-access to pre-recorded breath-work tutorials and yoga videos for you to do at any time,
from anywhere.
-access to me via email as you go!

Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo , Google Pay, Zelle, and Square*

How to buy:

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

Testimonial: “As a woman working in a very stressful, competitive environment, I spent many years trying to suppress my emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt at work in order to appear confident and competent. I had no idea the emotional toll this was taking on me and those closest to me until I began working with Parinaz. I worked one on one with Parinaz, and I was surprised to learn how universal the lessons of mindfulness and self-awareness are to professional and personal success.” - Dr. Alex O

My teaching style:
I will always aim to listen openly and to learn about you. Everything we do is focused on how you can evolve and develop the existing strengths and sources of joy within you. My work is highly customized and I aim to bring ancient wisdom together with modern science in ways that are accessible and fun for you to learn and implement.

What can you expect from my sessions?
We will meet on Zoom, I will be on time, and will dedicate my full attention and awareness to you and your needs.

Why me?

I bring a unique skillset rooted in modern studies of Human Development and fitness together with the ancient healing sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Mindfulness. My work is specific to the needs of women and I support you being strong, independent, and seeking to balance the ambition within you with the need for soft self-care.

Why I’m passionate about this?

My entire life has been seeking to escape the programming that existed within me about what it means to be success and a female. I have discovered through practices that bring me closer to my mind and body’s health ways to honor and respect myself as I truly am, rather than trying to conform to someone else’s idea of success, beauty, and femininity. I hope all women can receive the same clarity.