Without any type of Social Media for 3 months

If you were curious to know what 3 months without social media was like… I am about to break it down for you. :blush::+1:

First week off social media - I felt a sense of loneliness, almost like I had lost thousands of friends in a matter of days. I was on social media for 10+ years every single day… when I took my exit and got off of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat… I quickly realized you have to keep yourself company. After the first week, you start to realize your “friends” aren’t actually friends… they are simply space to fill your timeline. (No offense)
Second week without social media I began to feel a sense of freedom… a sense of “whatever I want to do… I can do.” I didn’t need to share it with anyone, I didn’t need “likes” for approval, I didn’t need someone to comment on a photo I had taken to tell me “it’s good enough.” I noticed I began doing things for ME and only ME.
And it feeeeeels great.

After a month or two went by, I had 5-6 people reach out and ask how I was doing, updated me about their lives and just simply said “Hey, how’s it going?” Those people meant the absolute world to me when I was feeling alone. ((Thank you friends))

With that feeling, I no longer needed the acceptance that our generations have built up. We think we need a certain amount of likes, followers and views just to keep content up.
Surprise, surprise… someone is always going to disagree with you and someone is always going to be having a bad day and they will turn that negativity towards you or your profile.
It’s a sad world but I found hope, peace and happiness during the 3 months I was without social media.

During those three months… this is what I have accomplished because I spent my “Social media time” diving into other hobbies and classes.

I have gained certification for :
Emotional Intelligence
Dog Training - Aggression/excessive barking
CPR/First Aid
Introduction to the Russian Language
Reading and Writing music introduction
Introduction to playing Piano/guitar
Graphic Designing
Personal Branding Blueprint
Bread from scratch
Night Photography

I have read over 20 books and have drawn over 50+ drawings, I’ve explored Indianapolis more than I ever have and I started meditating.

I began working out and running again, my boyfriend and I have strengthened our relationship by relying on each other, communicating better, and building our lives together. I have been able to train my Dog, Winston to relax (never thought that was a possibility) and I am currently in the middle of Dry January. (No alcohol, cigarettes or Redbull for a month) but being 2 weeks free of cigarettes, I believe I am completely finished with cigarettes!

Of course, this success took some time after almost 2 years of being in a slum of a depression. Thankfully, my boyfriend, my friends and family never lost hope or gave up on me.

Take a break… even if it’s for a week.
You’ll find something so rewarding for you in the long run. :heart:

Also, if you need any encouragement… shoot me a message, give me a call or send me a text! I’d love to chat with you. :heart:

Stephanie, that’s awesome! You’ve been a lot more productive than I have while I took my big break from social media (unless you count youtube as social media). It’s certainly an impressive list of things to look back on.

After being an assiduous facebook user for a long time myself, and having likewise stopped using it for a very long time, I can affirm that the space where those online interactions once were can be quickly replaced by a more meaningful sense of being.

There’s a powerful benefit that comes from being instantaneously connected with other people as the internet allows us to do, but there’s an even more powerful benefit from being disconnected for a lot of the time, and allowing ourselves to recenter in ourselves. We can and should make both kinds of benefit part of our lives by giving each side its own regular practice.

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