Why Futsal is keen in the development of Football skills

“Children up to the age of ten should play futsal. Why? Because when you take a forty minutes futsal match and compare it with a forty minutes football match, they touch the ball 400% more often. Tight spaces, they make decisions, they score goals, they give assists. The child interacts more.” Cit. Falcao (one of the greatest futsal players)

An interesting point of view, in which I found myself agreeing. This is why small side games are so important in practices during the early years and not only. I think that small side games are fundamental in soccer practice, because
they enable the players to touch the ball a lot of times, to make quick decisions, and to master the technique.
It is not a case that in South America is common that kids play futsal at an early age and create tons of incredible technique gifted players.
Examples ? Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Ronaldinho and Carlos Tevez.

Any thoughts?