Who needs a muse? Here I am!

Hello there!

I am a creative person and an interior designer with over 40 years of professional experience. I also teach interior design and really love all things interior design. If you have a project and are trying to make something work (space planning) or don’t understand how to build something (details, sections, millwork, cabinetry, windows doors lighting. . . . . I am your gal. Everything that is fixed in position, inside of a residential building, is my area of expertise. Yes, furnishings too but I thrive in the architectural realm of creating experiential spaces rather than finding furnishings. It’s the whole Gestalt of your project that I am interested in. I can help you make your ideas (concepts) better, hence, the muse. I am here for you. I don’t want your clients, your resources or really anything except the facts about your project and the time to work with you. I like to have fun during the process and hope you do too. Of course, everything we discuss is private and collaboration truly brings out the best in any project. This is a one on one experience and I would like you to offer me a reasonable hourly rate for the level of information you are seeking. Thank you for your consideration, Best, Jaya Rose, ASID