Who is Passionate about Writing?

Launch Meeting - Zoom I love screenwriting and I would love to improve this year while also helping new writers develop heading into 2021. Let’s have some fun!

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Im passionate about writing a lot

How cool I recently posted my website link I am currently in Pre-Publication we can do a Zoom meeting for 30 minutes ama

Okay. I try to join the zoom meeting its not letting me join

I am still learning the site does tommorow work for you?

I will put up a new link!

Yes, tomorrow is fine for me

Thanks I will set up a meeting!

your welcome @tvwriter

I had created some film with my team at the college I graduated from. I also wrote screen scripts for group and individual project. Now I want to start over again as I currently find the way to have a career in screenwriting by joining some web novel company.

hi, @Panhchaka im a writer myself . and i did started to write my own screen scripts and it cqame out great

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Tommorow what time works I will set up a 30 minute AMA via zoom Evening works best does that work for guys and gals!

Love to read your scripts at some points.

5:00pm works for me @tvwriter

okay. but i have to rewrite it. but maybe we can collaborate

That’s amazing. How can I help?

I focus on mystical and adventurous stories at the moment. I start my web novel based on a character, royal mentor of king in a heavenly sky empire.

5:00 P.M Pacific time sounds great looking forward to discussing writing!

Which day is it? I think I will go forward 15 hours ahead in my time zone compared with PST. So I may be on the next day.

Okay sounds good my Grandma died so I am busy in the morning and afternoon usually excited for tommorow and the next day!