Who do I marry?

Hi talktimers,
My name is Jaiye or you could call me PJ. I am a Nigerian living in Sweden and one who loves meeting people. I love opinion pieces as that is one way by which I get to learn faster my immediate environment.
Just to put thus thought out there to generate a discussion and possibly I can help someone reading this; Who do I marry is a question that I think we do not take to heart that much since some dabble into it, some forced, manipulated into etc… Hold on now before someone concludes on what my intention is not: I am aware as well that others are well prepared.
P.S I am married and also know who I should and wanted to marry :grinning:
I can guarantee you the best advice provided you want it and my price is a good 25USD per hour. Pay attention to the good because it would be worth your time!
You could reach me on toyin_dimeji@yahoo.co.uk; and would like to have a face to face meet via any comfortable online platform for you.
Talktimers what do you think ? Lets discuss…