Where do I start living my purpose?

Free will is a blessing ! However it can also make life feel like a maze. The one thing that can help with that is when you know who you are and what you see created to do. So let’s start there. Most people believe they have to find what they were purposed for. So much so that they jump into the mindset of seeking , searching, experimenting, and testing to name a few. They do this along with the idea that it’s somewhere outside of who they are.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m here to tell you that purpose isn’t found, it’s within. So that brings me to the point of asking you this.

What is the first thing that comes to
Mind when people ask you what you love to do that helps other people?

What comes easy to you that you enjoy doing?

What do you enjoy that doesn’t have to make money for you to love doing it?

What discussions do you take place in that gets your excitement bubbles flowing?

What skills do you have that come naturally to you?

If you could choose one way to help other people develop themselves what way would you chose to impact their lives ?

Does what you chose glorify God?

That last one most people would ignore. They would pretend it’s not important and run away from it based off of an idea. But it’s not an idea, it’s where your purpose lives.

Let’s look at this example .

Let’s say you have an iPhone, what name comes to mind when you think of who made the iPhone ? That’s right (Steve Jobs)

Why is that? Because he created it. And the name is always associate with him no matter what happens. Also he is the one that gave it purpose and could tell you everything about it. How it functions, the benefits, The flaws. You get my point ?

“Purpose is always found in the thing that’s created not outside of it. And you learn from the creator what he has purposed “you to do.

I want to help you development what’s inside of you already.

I am offering free consultations for anyone who has a desire to live out a purposed files life. That’s where the unlimited living lifestyle dwells .

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