What things should I do during the pandemic

Dear guides,

Today I’ve made a post on what things to do during the pandemic.

I’ve come up with a list of a few things.

  1. Connect with nature (walk, plant things, watch nature, bird feeder, etc…)
  2. Learn a new language(s) (Japanese, French, Animals, cooking, writing, etc…)
  3. Watch destination videos and create packing lists for future use (Spain, France, Europe, U.S.A, etc…)
  4. Start reading more (Journal, Book [in another language maybe?], Poetry, Short Stories, etc…)
  5. Tidy up Indoor/Outdoor living space (Room, Kitchen, Garden, Garage, Basement, etc…)

Have you thought of something I didn’t mention? Please post below.


Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


These are amazing ideas to work on during the pandemic! How do you feel overall health wise? It definitely is a great time to really nail down any changes you’ve ever wanted to make regarding your nutrition and mental health!

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Dear @SophiaLorenzHC ,

I thank you for your interest in this post and your open-ended questions.

Well, I admit there were many cycles of people-pleasing do work, learn more things, with sleepless nights and not following my body’s own natural cycle of sleep and crashing. Right now, I feel like I’ve gotten better sleep, I need to start exercising again and probably need to take more time for myself in-ground and centering and getting out in nature.

@SophiaLorenzHC How has your health been doing?


That is great to hear! Nature is definitely something most of us don’t get enough of, and it can really help ground us back to reality. What are some activities that you enjoy doing outside?

My health has been doing well, thank you! Last year I was in a point in my health where I was really sluggish and didn’t have much direction on how to improve it. When the pandemic shut my restaurant down, it gave me the opportunity to focus on my health. I decided to take a health coaching certification which opened my eyes to all the ways I was sabotaging my health. Since then, it has been steady progress and I am it a much better place that I’m very proud of!

I love these suggestions it looks like we’ll spend some time, I would add personal care and exercise and maybe starting a business or turning your hobbie into a business.

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Dear @LiveYourBestlife,

Great ideas, hobbies are the best?, aren’t they. One can do them and also set up a life around them.

Thank you for your guidance


Dear everyone,

I forgot to mention that sometimes everyone needs to take a step back and look at how their life is going and grounding.

I hope you gain deeper understanding while watching this video.


For sure, for more support please feel free to contact me directly on my Instagram live_your_best_life_motivation