What Kind of Friend do YOU Need Today?

Hey you, yeah you… how’s it going? My name is Megan but you can call me Moo. I am currently a student to be a certified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for photography, film, and daily life. I still consider myself an amateur but always growing. I am also an amateur model which has help assist in lots of self-esteem building and the change in my career, which in the mental health field.
On top of this I struggle with the daily life of being a daughter, a mother, an ex wife, along with the hum drums of everything else in this crazy world. I am known to be kind, encouraging, empathic, trustworthy, as well as personally admitting to probably being the evil twin who absorbed their sibling in the womb to destroy any and all evidence.
So by now you are probably wondering what I am doing here. Well, I am here for YOU! Do you feel like you clean all day and feel exhausted at the end of the day however You or someone you love can’t tell? Do you feel overwhelmed by life around you? Just need someone to talk to, for just an ear, feedback, or to help think outside the box you feel your stuck in? Well look no further because I can be that person!
What makes me different from other helpers on this site?..probably not much, HOWEVER I will let you know that things won’t be dull.
Contact me now for a free consultation today!
And lets get through this crazy thing called life together!!