What is The Epitomy of a Perfectly Imperfect Podcast?

Roy and I started our Podcast venture in February of 2020, having met online in a group. It was an “A PFF (blowing out after breathing in a meditation session LOL)… FUNNY” Yes, a great word! Epiphany. It’s not something you find. It’s not something we are looking to make money at, it was because we love to SHARE STORIES and we had that “A PFF Funny”.

We started this, with humility and with entrepreneurs and authors in mind.

There are so many amazing stories behind the people. Not their wealth. Not their success in whatever brain people think it’s about.

Some go-getters yes, an old term , to become a new one, for sure are remiss to share, but that’s we want. Why did you decide to do what you did? What motivated you? What may have unmovitated you and you lost… and you sulked for a bit, and you realized that sulking was actually a time given to you to regenerate and come back again. Those are the stories we are looking for.