What is the benefit of changing your exercise routine from time to time (or is there any benefit)?

I like to do the same exercises all the time, but then I get bored. I’ve been doing Zumba and line dancing, but lately my husband really likes to go bike riding. The other day we biked over 8 miles. I was just wondering if any fitness experts knew the benefits of switching up the routine. I like the variety, but I’m wondering if it also helps burn additional calories or something like that. I remember learning a long time ago that if you keep doing the same exercises, your body gets used to it and you don’t benefit as much from it as in the beginning.

Hi Michelle,

I am trying to organize my thoughts here to best answer your question. I am a Triathlon Coach, and work with a lot of goal-oriented people. So, my first question would be --what is your ultimate goal? And then, is what you are doing supporting that goal?

As far as mixing it up and doing a variety of activities, there is nothing wrong with it. Benefits may include increased caloric burn, as cycling may expend more than Zumba or vice-versa pending the length of time and intensity during these activities.

If you are learning a new skill, you may feel more fatigued initially because of the neuromuscular work – the body is learning.

When you participate in a variety of activities, you can prevent burn out, or boredom, and you may feel challenged. People tend to be goal-oriented. And in the case you shared, riding bikes with your husband, you are sharing an activity with someone you love. The time spent here may be more valuable than the calories.

Consider what your goals are, or why you are doing these activities. And consider the time of the activity as well as the intensity of those, if you are seeking to burn more calories. That is where you will see those benefits.

I hope this helps.

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:smiley: I concur with Coach Meg!
Changing things up can challenge different muscles and help you acquire different skills.

She’s right about your fitness goals, though. Maybe you want to just have fun and be fit! That’s great!

Sometimes doing the same or similar exercises are beneficial too.

For example:
If you are interested in gaining more muscle, the same or similar exercises that train the same muscle groups done weekly will improve strength through progressive overload.
I am doing a program that uses progressive overload. I can feel the bicep coming out!

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I’ve been reporting my activity to a group on Facebook, and I noticed that sometimes (weeks) I’m all about Zumba dancing classes then it’s swimming then it’s bike riding. I just wondered if it’s good for burning calories because I’m always changing it up?!?

What about working on Grandma arms?

You are reporting to a FB group, so they are helping with your accountability. Calories are calories. Duration and intensity of the activity determines the caloric expenditure. Granted some activities innately burn more calories, but you are moving. All of this goes back to setting your goals. When you know what your goal is, you can create activities around it.

As far as grandma arms, you need to do upper body movement to strengthen those muscles. These can be as part of a weight training or body weight movement routine, or part of life,

If we are carrying around more body fat, the ‘grandma arms’ may be more prevalent.

What are your goals for working out?