What is the benefit of changing your exercise routine from time to time (or is there any benefit)?

I like to do the same exercises all the time, but then I get bored. I’ve been doing Zumba and line dancing, but lately my husband really likes to go bike riding. The other day we biked over 8 miles. I was just wondering if any fitness experts knew the benefits of switching up the routine. I like the variety, but I’m wondering if it also helps burn additional calories or something like that. I remember learning a long time ago that if you keep doing the same exercises, your body gets used to it and you don’t benefit as much from it as in the beginning.

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I’ve been reporting my activity to a group on Facebook, and I noticed that sometimes (weeks) I’m all about Zumba dancing classes then it’s swimming then it’s bike riding. I just wondered if it’s good for burning calories because I’m always changing it up?!?

What about working on Grandma arms?

There are some easy ways to “tone” grandma arms…lol! I have a 2 year old g baby and although she is my shadow that loves to be held, it doesn’t always firm up my arms. Here are some good ones that are simple. Arms straight out on either side, small circles in both directions. Start at 30 seconds each direction and build on that time. You can basically do this anywhere with no equipment needed. Although, you may get strange looks at the mall if you decide to do it there. LOL!
Also, there are some tightening creams that are so so like Oil of Olay Quench Lotion that is inexpensive and has proven ingredients considering its over the counter.
Hope this helps.

CoachMeg23 is spot on.
As for changing modalities being good for burning calories- a case can be made for movement inefficiencies being more energy-costly. i.e. If you have been running, chances are you are efficient and your body will be more economic with energy, so choosing a type of training where you are inefficient could help burn a few extra kcals, but honetly this could be very marginal. Just do what you enjoy and can sustain. Then fill any gaps; like adding a bit of resistance training to build a bit of muscle and add shape to your limbs.

However, while I do not wish to sound negative, topic creams and such are not always useful. An ingredient could well be supported to have a “tightening” effect on skin, but you would need to have a look at the cited evidence and the dosages and applications described to make sure that it will work for you.