What is meditation? Why doing it? And what are the benefits of that?

Meditation is one of the best things I have “learned” in my life, a really phenomenal way to connect energy with everything around you and even more (this part of “even more” is understood only by people who have been meditating for a very long time). It simply cannot be explained, it must be experienced.


There is literally no “definition” for meditation because everyone experiences it differently, but if it could be called something other than meditation, the best name would probably be “waking dream” or “awakening” at the beginning and later “connecting with energy”. Why I say later because you can’t expect that as soon as you sit down and close your eyes to immediately feel all the benefits of meditation, you will feel “something” for sure, but for the full power and full energy of meditation you need a little more practice.

In fact, meditation is not just “meditating” once a day, meditation is a way of life.

Recently I read how they wrote that you need to choose special types of foods for your diet, in order to lose weight. It is interesting to me that no one ever mentions that diet is not just the intake of food and drinks in the body but also what you look at, what you think about, what your environment is like, whether your thoughts are positive or negative… I think that has more influence than the food itself, you wonder how? I’ll give you a simple example. If you are nervous, your stomach and intestines will not work properly, so if you eat the healthiest food, what is the effect when your stomach does not process it properly? None. So it all starts with your way of accepting things and looking at the world.

Why doing meditation?

Like any other exercise and meditation requires perseverance. For example… if you want to look beautiful and muscular you go to the gym but only your going to the gym will not build muscle but exercise every day, right? This means that if you want the effect you need to practice every day, it is the same with meditation. It also takes time for your brain to adapt to the “new concept” and to start functioning differently, but the more often you work the faster you master the meditation techniques. And I know that for many of you meditation is incomprehensible, I can’t count how many times I’ve just heard sentences like: “Come on, you just sit down and do nothing”, everyone can do that… Right? Try it. Believe me, it is much harder to meditate than to do any other physical work, only those who have tried it know that. This is of course in the beginning… later is well-being when you master your mind.


In the beginning, your brain is like a young monkey… it quickly gets bored of things and jumps from branch to branch, non-stop.

Try to sit down and not think about anything. It’s not that simple, is it?

What are the benefits?

The benefits are numerous and best of all there is no downside or side effect.

Your brain will improve, you will start to notice things that you have not seen before. You will have more energy, better sleep, greater concentration, more positive thoughts, interest only in beautiful things, and peace. Better use of time, greater organization, stronger metabolism, stronger immune system… I really can’t list all the benefits of meditation. All in all, a wonderful experience that once it opens your eyes you will never be able to see the world with the same eyes again, the only question is, are you ready for something like that?

Much love :heart:


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