What if you could feel cared for fully in yourself, despite outside circumstances?

• Discovery Session (30 minutes) – Free 1st session
This is part of my process because being of support requires us getting to know one another and you sensing it is a fit and that I can help you. This is an open space to meet, explore, ask questions, and see what evolves.
• Expansion Session (90 minutes+) – one-time session or split into two sessions: $380CDN
This is a deep dive session where we explore what you choose – a challenge, a difficult situation, a health issue, a relationship struggle, a habit or pattern, or something you are wanting to create but feel stuck or wanting support.
• The Awakening Series (4 sessions @ 90 minutes+): $1,400CDN dollars
This is an immersion series that allows us to explore, unravel, reveal, and shift your experience in the world. This is transformative work and will bring about a new understanding that allows you to experience freedom in your life. This is a subtractive process - less doing, more ease. With ease as a foundation, being in the world offers new opportunities, new experiences of self and others, a shift in aliveness and well-being. This series is personalized to each person and their needs; I do not do panned programs, strategies, or steps. This is about unleashing you in a new way to enjoy this one life that you Are. Support between sessions via WhatsApp is included.
• Young person Session (ages 18-28) – Discovery session Free, then 30min Sessions $80
Exploration support from a place of wholeness – confidence, insecurity, comparison, achieving, career, purpose, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, friendships, sexuality, identity, health, or coping struggles.
Disclaimer: I am a trained medical professional which allows me to have an expertise on health, physiology, illnesses, and well-being however what this service offers is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I will always advocate that you have licensed healthcare providers as part of your Life and Wellbeing team. This is a conversational angle that addresses mind, the mechanics behind mind-created experience, and unraveling the often debilitating bind our mind makes in our experience of life. This is not a substitute for medical care or advice. This service is founded in exploration of your true nature so that you can experience deeper freedom from the inside out.

My story:
Hello. I’ve often coined myself as your average gal, because I feel I struggled inside with confidence, my purpose, and my contribution in life. And here’s an example, my experience of life felt hard (notice I said felt, because I am very aware that feeling is subjective experience) and I was really good at overcoming challenges. I also felt my worth was reflected in what I did, what I achieved, and who recognized me. My well-being has felt precarious with life circumstances and I ended up in professional burnout at the age of 47, in a healthcare profession that professes holistic healing none-the-less. So for outward societal appearances, I looked like ‘I had it all’; on the inside I was confused and feeling crushed that I wasn’t ‘getting’ to success despite all my efforting. So underneath my outward appearance, there was something on the inside that was not adding up.
It was shocking when my body and brain finally said ‘no’. I had to slow down, and re-evaluate. All that I had been aiming for was leading me to a path of health challenges and depressive symptoms. It felt very scary because I knew physiology, pathology, all the medical ‘ologies’ and still couldn’t stop my slide inside.
I know I’m a hopeful human, always have been, but couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Then I had an experience that finally allowed me to see how I was innocently creating the feelings of upset, confusion, and ill health. I suddenly saw that blame or guilt was not a part of the path back to my well-being. What I saw was that I had mis-identified where my well-being resided; and my mind opened to a new experience of life. I suddenly noticed that rest and restoration was part of life, not something to be earned. I saw that I was inherently okay, even though my mind had convinced me for years that there was something wrong with me. I realized that I felt good when my mind was allowed to settle and I didn’t need to figure one more thing out. I felt relief. It was a relief that lasted, and is still present to this day.
This transformed seeing had me leave clinical practice to help support people who also feel exhausted, worn down, burdened, overwhelmed, or even hopeless that life really can shift. There is a misunderstanding of how experience occurs, and once I noticed how my mind really works…the shift is my life experience shifted. I was not broken, I did not need fixing, and nor does anyone else.
I am enlivened by this exploration, this conversation that allows people to see insightfully for themselves. It’s such a shift from our learning and conditioning and it truly offers a view that can possibly shift everything from the inside-out.

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