What I plan to bring to this community

I am a firm believer that most things in life can be learned for free. It’s debatable, I know, because I debate this with people all the time. I’ll probably do a similar post next. Most skills can be learned, if you have the right teacher, & the right resources. Now how is anyone supposed to find a mentor that gives out knowledge for free? Well you have to be in the right place at the right time. I want to make this the right place, all the time. How can a Freelance mentor that trains people without charging them make a living? With balance.

I will be posting Tutorials and Documentation to pair with it over time that teaches skills I have in All Areas of Game Development, Music Production, & Animated Film Production. This Will Be available For Free Forever. I plan to monetize on a streaming site based on views for that.

I will do focused interactive trainings by live stream for paid Students at 5$/hr per seat.

I will do individual training that focuses on your personal goals & what you desire to learn, so that you can produce your project without a hitch, all while learning valuable trade skills you get to keep forever. Build up your portfolio and ready you for a career as a freelance Artist/developer or a job at a Studio. @13$/hr per session.

I’m willing to collaborate with other Talktimers that know something about Game Development, Music Production, Film making, Etc. So please send me a message if you have any ideas you want to bring to life.

If you’re wondering, yes I intend this to be a journal post for now. I’m working on content. When I’m ready I will post this as an Offer of Help.