What does Hebrew, Hieroglyphics and the Hydrogen Atom have in common?

Hebrew-Hieroglyphics-Hydrogen Atom

A Spiritual Language of Light


What does Hebrew, Hieroglyphics and the Hydrogen Atom have in common?

As we explore these topics each will transform the way you perceive yourself,
the world and others. You will be amazed to discover exactly how your own portion of atomic energy is entangled within the Aetherial Universe and everything around you!

Come experience peak moments to awaken your consciousness

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This class will explore Hebrew, English, Linguistics, Psychology, Consciousness and Science from the non-traditional perspective of apocalyptic visionary literature. You will be introduced to a variety of authors and lectures of people that experienced real spiritual encounters that changed their states of awareness. Science and Spirituality can be balanced with Apocalyptic Eschatological principles. We will delve into ancient concepts found in the Book of Enoch and Baruch, to discover the hidden nature within our soul and the battle we must overcome in exile, before returning we can return to our true self. Modern views, and earlier perspectives of psychologists remain diametrically opposed; one promotes materialistic consciousness the other, conveys a living wisdom derived from testimonies of people who experienced spiritual realities.

Throughout this journey, you will consider statements and queries, designed to invoke new thoughts and emotional sensations. Your curiosity is the stimuli to awaken that essence of reality that dwells in clouds of awareness and understanding of who you are deep inside. We will travel to a place before this earth was formed when the Word was with Yahveh and then back into the heart of your soul where the Word becomes Yahveh with you. If you are in sorrow, pain, emotional confusion, despair, exhilarated, happy or peaceful you will benefit and thrive with this knowledge.

About the Instructor: Bettina Morello

With over 36 years of research and personal spiritual transformations you will go on a journey to learn how to enter the world of ancient Hebraic symbolism, then peek at modern quantum mechanics before exiting with apocalyptic angels, that transform the way you perceive your life and destiny. Today, knowledge is power and consciousness is energy, it is important that people equip their minds with certainty and understanding of what is happening today. Will science usurp control over social consciousness to promote the false belief that the world and humanity, requires AI and machines to prolong human life?

I am confident that these fields all play an important role in helping people discern what is happening socially and spiritually in society today. This research and presentation will include valuable reading materials, videos, music, and art in the attempt to demonstrate that Hebrew, Hieroglyphics and the Hydrogen Atom may hold the secret to transforming our energy from a negative outlook to positive life changing experiences.

I will share important tools to help you study these texts, they can help students overcome depression, sadness and confusion by using their mind and hearts to change the energy around them. How will this be accomplished?


I will share my discovery of a vast treasure of books with older concepts and teachings that very few people in our own generation realize exist. I know that by promoting the concepts of self empowerment through knowledge and wisdom. These materials will play an important role in helping students discern what is happening socially and spiritually in society today.

Knowledge is power and it is important that people equip their minds with certainty and understanding of what is happening today.

I will provide students with tools for critical thinking about topics that seem too have nothing in common. As more insights derive from the interconnection between our consciousness and the conscious Universe, a new worldview will emerge as we investigate how the invisible laws and foundations of not only our Universe, but of our consciousness and individuality effect our world and life.

Come on the journey and find the power to take back your life! We will begin with the Aleph Tav to get started.

Aleph Tav logo


We will go through each letter separately, because this alphabet is a series of thought patterns and reality that actually enters your life when you as you begin to learn about their history and meanings.

hebrew scroll images

I will help you to learn how to identify what is really written in the Book of Genesis and Exodus, the English version does not really capture the original ideas of each letter, King James did not know how to read Hebrew he paid translators to revise the Latin Bibles, which had already made a mess of their own translations.
images yhvh paleo

This diagram shows the earliest and modern form of the Tetragrammaton, this is the beginning of your journey into this world of ancient teachings, and how to begin making sense of what seems to be so confusing today.

The above excerpt from a Hieroglyphic Bible shows that the Name YHVH
was a big deal even in the 18th century. It is not a new name, it is the oldest original Name. Avoid confusion and get right to the point of the text by learning this alphabet for yourself. I will guide you everything step of the way with illustrations, charts, and lectures on each letter until you are able to identify them for yourself.


What a great topic, I study paleography and light language. I would like to know more about your classes do you have a website or monthly calendar page?


Thanks for your reply. I do have a website and I am new to Talktime. I am still posting material there. There will be videos and PowerPoint presentations and hopefully live zoom interaction. I was giving lectures in my local township at a coffee shop and glass blowing business in 2018 2019. I have been trying to figure out how to have the class now online through Talktime.

There are many materials on the Aether and Hebrew alphabet that I have recently experienced just by learning about the Aether before the 19th century. This generation has created their own names for the discovery of others. History is everything and etymology helps weed out illusion.

I think you will enjoy this class and you are an asset to the class I can sense your sincerity.


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Thank you for responding! Please see some of my posts if you would like to, and so if you are interested we can speak further on some ideas. Feel free to private message me on here. I am great at creativity and planning. I am looking for 4 people to do bundles with for exchange in testimonials or collaborations. Keep me posted if not. I am so enthralled by the subject matter as I have some study in this sort of connection and I would love to piece it to some of my hypotheses!

Good Morning Daniele

I did check out your posts this morning - now I understand the whole talktime process much better.

Tell me more about your bundle idea.