What do you want most?

Hi everyone,

Since it seems that most of us here on TalkTime have come for reasons pertaining to wellness practices, spirituality, and personal development, I’d like to put out an opportunity for us to better understand this community we’re part of. Included below is a poll to record and show what things we are most earnestly seeking in our journeys right now. This poll is anonymous, so you’re free to contribute your answers without anyone knowing where they came from.

What do you want most? (Please read all the answers, then choose the one you agree with most strongly)
  • To find a career I can pursue passionately
  • To start or continue my chosen career
  • To find healing for my stress or trauma
  • To learn how to get past my emotional or psychological blocks
  • To conquer my fear
  • To show myself and the world that I can be better than I was
  • To learn to stop criticizing myself or tearing myself down
  • To find a way to save/improve my relationship(s)
  • To find more peace and satisfaction in the life I already have
  • To shoot for the stars and make the most impact in the world that I possibly can
  • To serve the needs of other people
  • To find God
  • To begin loving myself
  • Other

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Feel free to discuss in the comments, but please give your answers in the poll itself.