What Do you Need to Know? message from guides/higherself? tarot/oracle/ energy read? Stop by?

Hey Dear Souls,
My spiritual name is Sarah.

Tarot/Oracle reading 30-1hr 15 dollar
45 dollar for 1 hr chat check-in session.
Reiki Distant Energy Healing session 75 per session with debriefing afterward.
Paypal or Venmo please
Or we can do an equal exchange.

Need clarity on a situation? Stop by to chat. I’m an intuitive tarot and oracle card energy reader and healer and if you are guided to me I believe I can offer insight into your life.

If you feel drawn, pls. send me a message. Please include what service you would like, and if you would like me to message you using this question or zoom or pm.

About me:
I’m a lightworker and I’m a Soul coach. I have many dear guides who offer me a gentle helping hand in healing, cleansing grounding, and living life to the fullest.

What I want to have happened:
My goal in life is that when people feel they need some guidance they find the right person who can help lead them in self-empowerment growth and into who they are meant to be.

My Experience:
I’m a Reiki Master and Teacher
I’m a Reiki Animal Practioner
I’m a lover of a person’s potential
I’m a lover of the truth

Who is my guidance for?
Anyone dear, If you feel drawn, it would be my honor to chat and see how I can help you shine brighter.