What do you expect for yourself?

Great Day Kings and Queens, in life you don’t receive what you want, you receive what you expect for yourself!

Where does this expectation come from? It comes from the work you put in toward the goal you may have. If your goal is to make 6 figures annually, but you are sitting on the couch all day putting blame and excuses on Covid, then do not expect 6 figures, if you still are expecting it I am sorry to break it to you, it will not happen.

I ask again what do you expect for yourself, based on the work you put in, based off how you are living what do you expect? If your life is not how you would like, change it! Be the change you wish to see in your life. Do what is necessary by any means necessary!

Comment below and answer this question: Based on what you do everyday most of the day what do you expect from yourself? If it isn’t how you would like it be open and transparent even comment anonymous if you must but lets be transparent so we can transform it together. I want the best for you as should you as well.

Peace and Blessings!

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I expect from myself to be happy and to find peace again be my like myself again :relieved:


I love this, when you say find it again may I ask where has it gone? And also when you say be yourself again, what do you mean by this? What does this look like?

what I mean by finding myself again was being more happy and always smiling an be . I lost myself over the smile, i feel like its still there but its just buried inside of me . like its lock and its not ready for me to open.

Man, I remember when I was in that place, it was so much inside of me that I had to be transparent to myself. I left my whole family to search for my happiness back and realized it was all me. I was not allowing happiness into my life I was not really getting it ready to come back either.

What are some things you do to get yourself ready to open your smile back up and let happiness back in?

to be honest with you @KingDeion44 nothing but I always wanted to do excite ding thing like go hiking or travel while writing. but what I really want to do is be happy with myself i see so much in myself that I can do, like so much. like right now I’m writing a novel and its based on my life and what I also want to do is travel the world, go out more

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Are you interesting in coaching at all, that is my area of expertise my program is titled “I am L.O.V.E. everday!” Would you at all be interested in a free consultation?

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Yes, I would love to be interested. What do I have to do?

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Click this link and fill out my questionnaire then schedule a 30 min consultation! I am doing them free up until Dec. 23!

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