What can I do to grow my new business?

Hello, I have been a licensed Home Inspector for 6 years. Recently I opened up my own inspection company. When I’m not preforming any inspections, I drive around to real estate companies, handing out cards, and introducing my self and my company. Is there anything else maybe I can start doing to make my business grow?


Hi there. I’ve started and run several companies over the last 20 years, mostly in services (rather than products). I took my last company (a small artist retreat center) from 100% bootstrapped and run by only me to a seven person team with four lines of business that was rated by some independent artist group as the fourth best in the world. I was pursuing this site and I saw your post, which I can identify with, so I joined so I could chat with you. That’s why I don’t have much info about myself up yet, but I’ll start adding to that soon. I think you can take some time to identify the handful of different targets you have in order to build your customer base and speak to each to accelerate your traction. I’d be happy to chat with you to learn more about your business and see if I can be helpful. Cheers.

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Hello @MistakesTeach,

I’m on my third business and have an online mentorship group on Monday nights at 6 pm Mountain time (Colorado). It’s a group that we learn from one another. Feel free to message me or email me at contact@katieyavuz.com if you’re interested. I have plenty of ideas on how to grow your reach without wasting gas.

I look forward to chatting with you soon,
Rev. Katie


I am a buisness coach and I actually have a home inspector who is a client. I advised him to focus on building relationships with Realtors. It’s one thing to toss business cards around, but it’s better to have a handful of real relationships than a pile of business cards.

Reach out to any Realtors you know and have a real conversation with them. A Zoom call. A face to face, mask to mask, meeting to get to know them. Really get to know them, not just as a referral source, but as a person.

Ask for their help. Ask for introductions. Connect with the referrals and repeat.

Then stay in touch and nurture those relationships.

I wrote a book on Networking called The Guy Who Knows A Guy. If you’d like to email me at michael@guywhoknowaguy.com, I’d be happy to send you a free copy of it by email.


Hi, I definitely think putting yourself out there is good. Also, there is alot of other ways to get your business out there , I would love to offer you help with that. Thanks

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You have gotten some great advice so far. What is your online presence like? LinkedIn? Social Media. Do you ever YouTube? I’m a single mom, and I’m forever searching “How To” snippets on YouTube. Like check and change the filter on my HVAC, change a showerhead. Simple things that help boost your business and showcase your skill sets, especially to realtors. Show not tell.

And @Michael is 100% right; it is all about relationship building and making genuine connections.

All the Best,


Thank you @KaraMac.

I just tried a post yesterday on YouTube.

I watch “How to…” all the time. I will certainly be working on getting editing software again and rebuild my presences. Great tips.

You’re a dear soul. Thank you kindly :pray:.

In light,
Rev. Katie Yavuz (no spam please)
720-270-8161 MST Colorado 10am to 10pm

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Colorado girls have to stick together :wink:

Storyboard if you can, it helps cut down the amount time spent editing or doing re-shoots. You don’t need to be artistic (although you are) to storyboard. I do it all the time for folks and I can’t draw to save my life, I’m a photographer not an artist. The storyboarding helps layout visually and rough notes of what you will say/show in your “How To” video.

Love, Light & Cookies,


Oh my goodness @KaraMac
May I have your email to DM you?
I’m contact@katieyavuz.com.

Hello how are you today? I think that you should put an advertizing magnet or sticker on your car, and just drive around for the heak of it, even if you don’t have a place to go. Where ever you go, make it your business to greet people, give a helping hand by opening a door, giving up a seat, etc.
People will remember you mostly by your personality and your sincerity and kindness . When you see that smile come over their faces, say, here’s my card. If you know anyone who would like to use my services, feel free to share!
They will remember you, because of who you are!
Hope that helps! God bless you and your business! much success to you!


No worries - it sounds like a lot, but it is easier to plan and execute well. I’m firmly in the measure twice, cut once camp. On the fly works for some things but not “How To’s” you end up shooting a How To Install a Showerhead and realize you forget to grab the wrench or plumbing tape. Or you skip steps and don’t realize it until after you’ve finished filming.

I can be reached at karamccarty@protonmail.com

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That’s great advise Michael! I am going to check out your book! :grinning:

You are totally right I am a Life & career coach and thats how I got most of my clients personal connection is KEY!!!

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You might consider spending some time on Google to find the top ranked licensed Home Inspectors in cities that are not near you. I’d select the top ten inspectors that impress you and rank highly. The reason for not searching your local area will encourage these people to be willing to help you because they will not see you as a threat to their own business.

I’d find their profile on Linkedin and request to connect with them. I’d read any blog posts they’ve written and follow their professional social media accounts, and then I’d give it a little time to just get a sense if they are truly successful in their business.

After a week or two, I would recommend that you reach out to them with a phone call. Introduce yourself — let them know that you enjoyed their post about (whatever topic) and you’re impressed with their success. Then let them know that you have a new Home Inspection business in your city. Then simply ask them if they might be willing to schedule a 15-30 minute meeting with you where you could ask them a few questions about their success.

It’s not uncommon for people to be willing to help others. You could easily learn a couple of amazing tips that you could apply to your own business.

If you would like to explore other possibilities, I will soon be offering my Unstuck Sessions here on Talktime. I specialize in helping great people like yourself to find solutions around the problems that have you worried or losing sleep. Good luck. Let us know if you find success with this method.

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The simple start would be to improve your social media and attend business networking groups.

Feel free to reach out as I am part of a number of “Virtual Networking” groups and have some experience with online marketing.

Just Get Started!

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Are you on social media? I’m a virtual assistant and have helped businesses grow by improving their social media presence.

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Hola, Pregúntate todos los días, porque haces lo que haces? El que sirve con pasion gana mucho. No solo es presencia en Redes sociales i publicidad digital, es generar una estrategia unificada en lo digital y respaldada en lo fisico… Te puedo orientar en temas de estrategia digital. hasta pronto.

Check out his amazing lady who is my business coach. She offers a online $7pm membership and has a huge array of video, techniques, skills and info on Simple Start-up SUCCESS.

Emily-Rose Braithwaite - Simple Startup Success

Mention my name and she is unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable and professional. HUGE value

Hello! I am also a new business as well and reading through these tips was very helpful. It gave me some new ideas. Thank you!

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Hey, i really understand your situation, and there is allot of ways to grow a business in any niche.
however as you said you are spending allot of time driving to reach real estates and make some connections which can be very time consuming. so what is i suggest you a way to monetise your time, your skills, and a way to build a network . would you be interested ? is yes i will love to chat with you and get to know more about you.

Let me know if you have any question. thanks