What are your desires?

Great day Kings and Queens,

What do you desire? When being asked this question I want you to understand that you will be blessed with all your desires and after reading this you will understand more deeply what I mean.

First you must know what desires are, desires are what we think about most. In life we often times think our desires are what makes us feel good, those are liked desires. We also have many desires (things we think about the most) that we do not like at all! Understand that we have 40,000-60,000 thoughts that runs through our mind everyday. These thoughts either stem from faith or fear. And which ever you think about mostly will manifest into reality whether you like it or not.

So the goal is to be mindful because thoughts DO become things, but the good news is that we control the desires by being in control of your thoughts and hashing out what does not serve you! Think about your liked desires, those desires that will make you happy, and do so often then begin to be grateful because through faith YOU KNOW it will become your reality! So I ask again what are your desires, think about it and allow it to flow into your life.

Stop playing yourself and love yourself!

Peace and Blessings :v:t5: