What are you passions? 💖

We all work hard, we all have a million things to do, on our mind and constant distractions in life.

When do you ever just sit and close your thoughts. Quieten the mind or just do the opposite and have inner child fun, unbridled hilarious don’t give a shit fun??!!

We need to embrace this time to be us and present in the moment or we get lost in the chaos of life. TV, Netflix, phones, tv on our phones, games, trying to watch a film but still on our phones, eating dinner one handed shoveling the fork in and our becasue the other hand has a phone in it. God forbid the the seconds delay when a notification comes in!!

Take time out be present in the task you are doing and enjoy it relish it. Enjoy the food, the film, the company and be present for it or them.

What outside this ever decreasing circle of life and work IGNITES you, fuels you, passions you. This isn’t just a luxury it’s a necessity to balance and recharge you for being you. It’s what makes the lifes work bearable and if you take that away you only have work and that’s not healthy and it’s not living.

I want to know what passions/ignites you. What makes you laugh so hard the world is forgotten for that moment. What is your inner child desiring? fuel that and you will fuel your life and things will happen.

Find your balance within.sdsdsd

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