What are some tips you do that help you fall asleep?

Lately, I’ve noticed I’m not sleeping at night so I decided to do a Google search on ways to help me fall asleep and I’ve read that sex helps. According to an article on “Well + Good” consistent sex produces melatonin to help you fall asleep, improves your mood, and releases stress. Does sex work for you? What are some tips you do that help you fall asleep?


  1. Manage your sleep environment.
  • Make sure it’s dark.
  • Make sure your room is cool.
  • Limit noise or use white noise.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress.
  1. Turn off electronics at least 1 hour before bed. Blue light can affect your melatonin levels.

  2. Limit caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bed. They can disrupt your sleep cycle

  3. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same times every day.

  4. Exercise during the day.



I have always had some trouble myself.
Here is what I have found in my research… and it works!

It’s fairly simple. Its been referred to as the 3-2-1 method.

3- NO food 3 hours prior to sleep. This gives your digestive system time to do its magic & time to let your body know its ready to relax for the evening.
2- NO liquid, (definitely NO BOOZ) 2 hours prior to sleep.
I would say even longer for booz, unless its a very small glass of wine.
1- NO TECH for one hour before bed. PUT that phone and computer away! I made a beautiful habit years ago to never ever sleep with my phone in the bedroom.
It goes off and stays in the kitchen around 730-8, depending on my bedtime.

One more little tip that helps me a lot, is an evening walk. After your last meal, go for a nice stroll or speed walk it if you feel… This will also help your body digests your last meal a lot faster.

As far as sex.
I think it does help men fall asleep, however woman are biologically more excited and awake after sex. This has been a proven scientific study.
And I personally can not sleep for at least an hour or more after sex.
Maybe try it earlier in the evening if you’re female.
If you’re a man, I don’t think it matters, they fall asleep minutes after.

Hope this helps.

I can also recommend a lot of natural supplements that help get to sleep and stay asleep.

Let me know if you’re interested in that …





  • try doing protein, sweets, and fats together - I like to make cocoa (w/or w/o dairy- if no dairy add coconut oil for the fats) and a dash of salt with honey, w/ a protein so protein powder or milk

  • cook’s hook-ups helps you sleep, youtube it, cross your legs, tip of tongue to roof if mouth, and cross arms (there is specific way but crossed is fine)

  1. Make sure that your room is dark enough so you can sleep.
  2. Make sure you are in a comfortable environment (not too hot or cold)
  3. You can also take melatonin and you can buy it over the counter.

But if you want a more natural sleep(I prefer that) you can use an app called Headspace or Calm they offer nature noises and sleep stories.

  • A cup of chamomile tea(warm to relax you)
  • Lavender essential oil pillow mist.

I recommended the same for my cousin and now she can’t get up in the morning! Hope it helps.


Hi there,

I have the same problem with you as well. To tackle this problem, I tried some ways to solve it:

-No phones/ electronics one hour before sleep
-Turn off mobile phone or any ringing devices that might disturb you from sleep
-Make sure the environment is dark, which will activates some chemical reaction for better sleep. Except if you’re afraid of dark, then tune the light to warmer lighter and a lower brightness level
-Don’t eat too full before going to bed, preferably have 3 hours of digestion after dinner
-Take a warm shower which promotes blood circulation and for relaxation of the body
-Light up some aroma light candle
-Play some soft and relax music before sleep
-If you have a partner next to you, ask your partner to do a soft, gentle massage for a quality sleep
-Do a page of silent reading to calm your inner self
-Try to stay in a relax mode and avoid thinking/ overthinking of today’s work or tomorrow’s work

Let’s try out these methods, and see if it helps you! :slight_smile:

We’re always there to help.

DM me if you need anything else.


Try not to drink tea or coffee from 3 pm in the afternoon.
Listen to relaxing music (bedtime music on YouTube, Spotify, …) .
Take a warm shower before bed.
Hesitate using your phone in the bed.
Try to be more physically active during the day.

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ALOHA indeed. I have never heard of this method but it appears to be so easy and effective! I think I will try swapping the phone with liquids. Its amazing how small adjustments can make such a difference. I will start my 3-2-1 Journey today and let you know how it goes!

In regards to sex depending on the session I can feel either alert or down for the count. In the article I read the time of day one has sex can impact the types of benefits as well. The A.M sessions may boast your levels of IGA an antibody associated with your immune system, while pm sessions may increase melatonin and prolactin and vasopressin after sex.

After a light meal and my lovely stroll, I’ll engage in some nice lovin (3)
check my phone (2)
drink some tea/water(1)

Can’t wait to start my new plan!

Thanks Val

ok I will try dark chocolate but I am trying to loose weight so I don’t know if the sweets, oils and fats will work for me. :pensive:

cooks hook-up please explain more is there a link???

yes, I noticed since the pandemic sitting at the computer for endless hours and working out for one hour of the day was extremely detrimental to my health is so many ways. So now I have tried to atleast get up every hour and do squats jump rope and whatever other activity.

I love warm showers and baths they are very soothing .
when my daughter had trouble sleeping I would but soothing sounds or gospel music and that would help her I guess I could apply the same thanks for the input!

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YES! I prefer the natural route as well! Thanks, how much sleep do you average and do you still find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? and if so how does that make you feel in the am? sometimes I can wake up in the middle of the night and feel great, but other times when I do and stay awake I feel weighed down.

I’ve had a hard time in the past falling asleep and have come to use a few methods. If you’re like me this might help!

I make myself a glass of hot tea before bed. The warmth of it coaxes me into a sleepiness.

I do not like going to sleep in complete silence so I’ve found putting on a movie or show that I am not particularly interested in on, putting the volume on a low setting. I also set a sleep timer on my TV so that I’m not increasing my electric bill by keeping the TV on all night. If your TV has a brightness setting, set it on low as well.

About an hour before bed I like to go on a long walk as well. I typically take my dogs with me as they enjoy it more than I do. A long walk is a nice way to release some energy you might have been storing up, get some exercise in, and coax you into tiredness.

If all else fails though and I cannot sleep, I take a very low dose of melatonin, a vitamin, and that definitely does the trick.

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I am overwhelmed with JOY that this helped you! Thank you so much for your reply. The feedback is motivating.

I had never heard of sex boosting the IGA antibody, very very interesting & intrigued! The PM increase of melatonin, also intriguing. I can see if you rearrange the sex to (3) how beneficial this can be. Very nice.

& I really like how you rearranged the 3-2-1 method to fit YOUR lifestyle. Super neccesary!
It is so important not to feel rigid about a suggestion from an outside source, because what may work for me, may or may not work for you.
We are all so special and unique.
The trial & error of life’s smallest lessons can equal to the greatest results!

Much Aloha!

I am looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.


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Hola, asi tengas pareja una almuadon o cojin para abrazar y meter entre las piernas, es muy relajante. Cada rutina es diferente, creo q no hay formulas mas que encontrar TU, propio camino y paz mental. Trabaja en tu espiritualidad y busca tu descanso interior.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I know ire bad but sometimes reaafing my Bible or listening to it knocks me out swiftly, lol but I’m afraid or hesitant to take melatonin due to becoming dependent on it. And I’m just generally a punk when it comes to medications, supplements and vitamins.

How long does it generally take you to fall asleep when you do take it. Are there other side effects good , bad or indifferent?

Gracias! es importante que nuestro espíritu, cuerpo y mente sean iguales. Si no, todo puede estar desequilibrado, incluido el sueño.

So many ideas thank you kindly. With all these simple and easy options there’s no way I can fail. Thank you for extending further help if I need it :slight_smile:

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I typically take 5mg of melatonin, if I take it. It’ll usually take about thirty minutes for it to kick in for me. So far, I haven’t really experienced any negative side effects on a low dose! However, higher doses tend to make me drowsier in the morning, so I’d stick to the 5mg!