What are some new foods you've added to your life due to COVID-19?

A.M P.M Wellness Programs purpose is to expose our clients to 5 essential aspects of an individuals well-being;

  • Social Connectedness
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Financial Literacy & Preparedness
  • Physical Health - Exercise and Sleep

In this discussion, I wanna focus on nutrition, what are some new foods you’ve added to your life due to COVID-19? I’ll go first, I now take immune system vitamines every other day so I can build a stronger immune system. We can all learn some new foods that can help us! :smile:

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I drink elderberry tea, which is supposed to kill viruses, including COVID. Also, after taking a class to keep my Certified Holistic Nutritionist certificate updated, I made capsules that focus on rehabilitating the lungs, removing waste, moving stagnant lymph, etc. so I could keep my body clean and improve my immune response. Those herbs are: elecampane root, yellow dock root, red clover, and marshmallow root.

I look to food to heal. If you’re interested to read about how I used food instead of chemotherapy and hormone drugs after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, visit my Holistic Nutrition website. My company’s website also has a tab on self-service blood tests so you can empower yourself to monitor exactly what you want to without having to get permission from a doctor.