Wellness Coaching

Hi! I’m Carly from Toronto, Canada. I’m a post-graduate Wellness Coach student looking to help people increase their self-awareness, so they can intentionally live in a way that supports their well-being!

After ten years of self-transformation, and now formal training to help you receive professional care, I am confident that I can walk you through any challenge you are facing, or any pattern you are looking to break.

My specialities are boundary-setting, trauma healing, and mental health, but sometimes we just need someone to talk to, who can offer a new perspective.

Here’s my Instagram account for a bit more information on me :slight_smile:

I coach private sessions on Zoom or Skype. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

30 minutes = $14.00
45 minutes = $20.00
6 session package @ 30 minutes each =$70.00

I accept payments through PayPal.