Want to talk about all things Product Management?

Hey there!

Product Management in the Web Development arena can be a lonely place to be. It’s not a job that many know much about but there’s a whole lot to learn once you find yourself performing that role.

I’ve been a Product Manager for 2.5 years for a very high profile publicly funded media organisation in the UK - no points for guessing who! While I’ve learned A LOT on the job, my profession is constantly evolving and changing and keeping up with the latest trends in the market and in the profession itself is paramount to success!

Want to chat about all things Product Management? Techniques/concerns/questions/anxieties/stakeholder management… whatever it may be, I’d love to talk to you! Instead of stewing over an issue, having that extra brain to chat things over with could make all the difference.

Offering direct messaging services initially with the potential for Zoom/Skype calls once a relationship has been built up. I work around a full-time job so flexibility with scheduling is appreciated :smile: