Want to open a Movie Theater?

Hi, There!

My name is Zak and my wife and I own and operate two small theaters. As larger theaters go out of business more and more in recent years, the industry has seen a boom in small, independently owned theaters. Many believe this is the new wave of the future.

What makes me unique in this field is that I left my full-time job years ago to open a theater - something I’ve always wanted to do. Unlike most theater owners, we built ours and learned the industry from the ground up. We had no idea what we were doing but that didn’t stop us at all. It was scary and probably a little crazy be we enjoyed every moment!

We get calls all the time asking questions such as “how do you book a film from a studio?” “is the theater industry profitable” “how do I open my own theater” and much more. So I decided to put my services out there for anyone looking to enter this industry.

If you are a self-starter, want to be your own boss, and love the idea of watching films or gaming in your own theater this may be an industry that interests you. I am prepared to answer any questions and guide anyone through the process of finding a location, choosing projector models, building a business model and so much more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and as I always say to our patrons when I see them around, “see you at the movies!”



Pricing: $35/hour
$20/30 minutes

Longer packages available upon request.

Face Time or Phone Chat

Payments accepted

  • PayPal, Square*

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.
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I am interested I am working on a theater revival as I am the keeper of the Victoria Amusement Enterprise stock cert. :slight_smile: I want to do an Oriental live theater show.

That’s Fantastic! What a unique and exciting entertainment venture. Theater revival and Theater start-ups is something I can definitely help with. Would you like to plan a session?

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I would very much like to, after the new year. I am in works of something that I must complete first pertaining to props etc. and with holidays I don’t want to get over whelmed. But it’s so perfect b/c I was just talking with someone about all this yesterday and your such a fringe topic yet exactly who I need to talk to. NO coincidences, I started this project in 2010 for a Theater show, went hunting for old venues in NJ and PA and was diligently perfecting some of my illusionist acts since then, and then the drama happening.

I was injured during some filed work, and I almost went into a coma and I could not walk a few times I was paralyzed in ICU and it has just been since March this year I have been up and moving again! I am pleased with my progress and happy to make this connection. With my recovery I want to have even began my solid decisions in mid Jan and Feb next year. So I will definitely book something soon, cuz there’s no way we aren’t supposed to talk given my amazing convo yesterday. I did just put a post up in help section if your interested in learning more about my direction. Thanks for being here! I also will reference you, do you do play and or show reprisals for clearing performances or have venues for this in case I know of some folks shopping for locations?

Hi There,

It sounds like you are well on your way to making your dream happen! I am looking forward to speaking with you and hearing more after you complete your props and get into the new year.

I am sorry to hear about the injury; these things seem to find us when we expect them the least, but I’m glad to hear you are doing well and working on your acts and your theater goal.

I agree this was no coincidence, I just happened to have an idea yesterday that I could share my experiences in the theater industry with someone else, and that was actually my first post on talktimers! I began looking at your work but will go back to your posts and look in more detail. I do a lot of motion picture these days particularly because Covid has placed restrictions in North Carolina on almost everything we can do in entertainment. But, I do believe (and I spoke with a former theater owner friend in Pennsylvania who also believes) this is a key time to begin - or continue - a venture in this field as many things are discounted in price, it’s easier to get licenses if you need them because everything is over the internet, and we have more time to tackle larger projects so we are ready when things get better. I look forward to speaking with you more and I am very glad you took the time to reach out to me. I am excited to hear what your plans are and how things are coming about.


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Indeed Zak!! Well said perfectly, Pennsylvania how perfect b/c I started this venture in PA through 2010-2013 in establishment? So you will know these two significances. No mistakes or coincidences, my grandmother worked at the Victoria theater in Shamokin and of course, we are Centralians and so are connected to the old theaters. So I know you appreciate the stock of Chamberlain and why I would love to revise the Amusement and theater company as we are also closely tied to Nobels. :slight_smile: Yes thank you for my best wishes in getting back up again, I am a triumphant achiever and trained thoroughly to withstand as best as could and will. This is such great news I look forward to arranging some time in the very close future

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