Want to learn using computer effectively in a few simple steps?

Hello Friends/colleagues:

In today’s world, it is important to know one thing or two about how to use a computer or how to get the best out of it to help support things in our daily life. Being a professional in the field for over 20 years, I can help you get up to speed quickly, so that you can effectively use computer devices. I started my career in development and currently work in technical management and training. One thing I gathered from my work experience and from working with users with varying level of knowledge and experience, computer training doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. It can be in ‘English’, if you know what I mean! :grinning:

Please contact me anytime if you need help. Your first session is free! This is a great opportunity for seniors or school kids or any aspiring individual.


Keyboard shortcuts for Windows users:

In a hurry, use the Windows key on your keyboard to quickly do something! Some examples:

Windows + E = Explorer window
Windows + D = Desktop window

For more tricks like this, feel free to reach out.