Want to learn simple techniques to get rid of daily stress and constant worrying?

My name is RJ Hodges and I’m an author and personal development coach. I became a coach to help people overcome some of the very things that were once a huge struggle for me. I use to be the person that was stressed out and worried every single day. I felt tormented because I had no idea how to quiet the negative thoughts that were constantly going on in my mind. I played worse case scenarios over and over again like a movie in my head. I was anxious and on edge but knew how to put on a calm face when others were around. It truly sucked to live like that. People told me things like “just think positive” or “change your mind set.” That sounds great until you are home alone and have no idea or instructions on how to do any of those things. So I’ve spent the last 20 plus years of my life learning and developing practical strategies that anyone can do daily to get rid of stress, stop worrying, and quiet negative thoughts. It’s not a magic pill and it’s not hype. These strategies are not overnight miracles but I promise they truly work. You will have to put in the effort but the strategies are simple and effective. If you were anything like me 20 years ago then you are willing to try something different in order to be free and truly happy. These are interesting and stressful times we are living in. We all need help and someone to walk us through a process at some point in our lives. I would love to be that person to walk you through this process.

I work with clients in one-on-one private coaching sessions via zoom or phone.

I prefer to have a 20 minute free initial call with any potential client prior to setting up sessions to learn more about you and what you are dealing with specifically. That way I can give more insight into the strategies and property tailor what I do to fit your specific needs.

Sessions are $60/ hour or get 2 sessions upfront for $105

4 session package for $225
Sessions can be paid for securely through PayPal. You do not necessarily need a PayPal account.

Would love to answer any questions you may have.