Want to know about Dr. Jericho Ibanez

Hello everyone!

I come in peace :smile:

I’m Jericho Ibanez from the Philippines, an inborn Psychic that I applied these unique talents as skills for my coaching and mentoring session. Yes, I am a Natural Alternative Holistic Therapist, “the healer of the soul, mind, body, and spirit”. My methods are very different, a natural way that you even never know the technical doctor as it is… I will be your guide to travel along the way with your path and discover new things and explore the power of your inner mind. By the way, as my credentials: I have a Ph.D. degree in Parapsychology, Metaphysical Doctor in Humanistic Science; with an Honorary Degree in Doctor of Divinity. I am also a certified Life coach, NLP Practitioner, and a certified Reiki Healing Master; A licensed Healthcare Service Provider, and a licensed “Hilot” Therapeutic Massage with a combination of Reiki-Physio Therapy. I am also the founder of MeHo (Metaphysical Holistic) Wellness Center and the founding president of the Association for Novice on Parapsychology. An affiliated professional of The International Metaphysical Practitioner (IMPA) and AUNLP. So, as your future inner guide or mentor, always remember that:

The Existence of our Inner Sense is the Dissect Revelation of our own Universe"
by Jericho Ibanez, Msc.D., D.D., Ph.D.,