Voice, accent and dialect coaching

Hi there!

This is shruti from Bhopal, MP India. I’m an accent and dialect coach and a vocal coach as well. I help my clients speak the native American English and to polish their communication to sound more clear and confident.

I have my clients globally. I train working professionals and corporate employees mostly.

So, if you’re interested to reduce your accent or to sound more like a native English speaker, join my training program.

Course details-

This course will help you to speak like a native American and to sound more clear and confident. This is for native speaker and non native speakers of English language.

Course - Accent Reduction
Price - $400
Length - 6 weeks
Meetings - 5 days a week (Monday - Friday)
Duration of each session - 45 minutes
Payment accepted - Bank transfer/paypal
Mode - zoom/Skype.

I’ll reach you within 2 business days through talktime message.

  1. What can you except from this course?

You’ll be able to speak clearand confident American English towards the end of the training. You’re expected to see atleast 70% change in your speech guaranteed as we follow a proven method that actually works.

  1. How sessions will be conducted?

Sessions will be conducted through zoom/Skype.

So, if you’re really looking forward to reduce or improve your accent and voice. Reach out to me.

You can also visit English count on LinkedIn to know the feedback and reviews. Also, reach out to me in order to know the course module.