Vocal Mastery For Speakers

Hi, I’m Di and I am a voice coach. I live in green leafy Hampshire in the south of England.

I run a program called Vocal Mastery For Speakers helping business owners, speakers and developing professionals grow in confidence, performance and vocal fitness. This is great for newly qualified solicitors, public speakers, coaches with a busy schedule, teachers who speak a lot for work, and entrepreneurs.

You can get my free guide to boost vocal vibrancy here

Vocal Mastery For Speakers is £4000 and can be completed in a 3-6month window.

Preparing to Speak In The Spotlight £995 (a slimmed down version - usually for specific event preparation, like a week’s coaching, or TED talk)

Speaking Essentials £300 - (limited spaces) I work with people 1:1 over a period of 3 months. Includes an assessment and specific advice personalised to you and what your voice needs.

Do please contact me at hello@ignitenow.info if you want to talk more about your needs, and download the free guide to get instant free advice and stay in touch.

I believe if you have a message, your voice is the best one to deliver it
I believe if you want to have a more powerful voice, I can help you
I believe people are inspired by people on a mission
I believe we’re on a mission to make the world a better place
I believe we need to pull together to clean up this mess – the world needs us to love it back right now, and people who help people are the answer
I believe people who help people are the answer
I believe living on autopilot is a recipe for unfulfilled living
I believe you deserve fulfilled living
I believe we have problems that need to be taken into our own hands
I believe if you want to make your own way in the world, you can and you should
I believe our children will need heroes from this time in history to look back on
I believe that changing one person’s world at a time is how you change the world
I believe the time has come that we need to vote with our feet
I believe it’s time to stand up and walk towards the future we want, not wait for politics to catch hi to what needs to be done
I believe if you have a message that helps people, that message should be heard, and it needs to come from you