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I have two teen boys 16 and 18 in virtual school. It has been so bad. They both struggle with ADD and one with anxiety and depression. The teachers have so much going on and while I know they try to help I just need to get my 18 year old to graduate. It is his senior year.
I’m not sure what I’m even asking for and maybe I should have journaled this but I’m new here. Maybe I’m asking for suggestions?? Due to Covid we are restricted. The boys live 50% with their Dad who is compromised so we can’t risk exposure.
Thank you

It has been a difficult year especially for teens and virtual school parents. I am sorry your family is going through challenging times. It sounds like it might be helpful to talk with someone and sort things out then you may be able to see more clearly the action steps that need to be taken. I am an integrative health coach and I am happy to speak with you by phone . Right now I am offering my services for free. If you decide you’d like to find out more about what health coaches do and if it is the right fit for you please book a free discovery call at

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It is currently a difficult time to be a student for a multitude of reasons. Depending on what the situation is with the teachers, and the workload of your sons, there are usually a few options to pursue. The effect of depression and ADD will also be challenging.

If you wish to speak further, please feel free to write me directly here. We can book a Zoom or Skype call to discuss.


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Dear Kit,

Reiki energy healing can help calm their anxiety down. If one/ or two of them would agree to an energy healing session, I’d gladly send Reiki.


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Hello Kit,

As an experienced distance learning teacher, I understand how difficult it can be for students to concentrate during their virtual lessons, especially when they’re struggling with their mental health and especially now during this time of the pandemic.

I am an English tutor for high school juniors and seniors. I spent the past 2.5 years working as an English professor for incoming freshmen with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where I specialized in both online and hybrid learning environments. Before that, I worked as a writing consultant with the Center for Academic Student Achievement in Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as spent a year working with special education and remedial English students at a high school in Corpus Christi, Texas. I have my Masters in English with a concentration in Writing Studies, as well as an English Language Arts and Reading for grades 7-12 certification from the Texas Education Agency.

I am offering my services for free here on TalkTime, and hope I would be a good fit to help your children, especially in areas where they may need college prep. Who better to ask for help than a teacher and college professor?

If you would like to know more about my services and a bit more about me, feel free to check out my page here on TalkTime: Private Writing Coach for High School Juniors and Seniors

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best of luck to you and your children. I know things seem difficult right now, but we can overcome times like these together.

Sending good vibes your way,


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Hi! I have taught high school and have a certification to work with ADD and Dyslexic students! I am happy to talk about a success plan.


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