Virtual Personal Training!

Hey Everyone! My name is Stefanie Long and I am a personal Trainer. I am based out of Ottawa, Canada. I have specialization in Physical Rehabilitation since I used to work at a clinic, I have dealt with many injuries and helped many patients recover. I also work with clients who want to increase their flexibility and mobility in their body! I Enjoy working with people who are looking to gain strength and be a better person for themselves. I love to help motivate and be able to communicate with one another. If you would like to see my profile on instagram, you can follow me @stefanie.llong.

Fun Fact: I speak 3 Languages. I am Canadian and Half Chilean, so I can Speak Spanish! I can speak French as well. Write to me in your your most comfortable language.

Assessment: Free ( 30 mins)
Price per session : $55
Monthly Plan: $350 ( The monthly plan includes unlimited Support during work hours. 1 Call a week to go through your plan and if you have any questions whatsoever. A plan built towards your specific needs. )

Payment by : Square/Paypal or E-transfer

Location: Zoom/Facetime or Messenger Video

Feel free to shoot me any questions. I enjoy working with a variety of clients who would like to increase their mobility for the daily needs or sports. As well as people who would like to recover from an injury. I am also here to help you build your strength back! I am very easy going and always looking for new journey! Looking forward to meeting you!

Please fill out the application form below so I can get to know you and schedule an assessment!

Visit my instagram page below!