Vent. Talk. No judgement. Tell Your Story!

Hello, my name is Anonymous J.U! If this happens to go really well, i may come out of my little shell. I am a little shy as well.

A little bit something about myself so you can get to know me a little. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California but now currently living somewhere else. Graduated high school in 2011 and now currently attending college for Mental Health Services. I was always interested in psychology. I am that kind of friend that you go to if you want to be heard, need to vent, want advice, guidance, etc. I sometimes even have strangers talk to me about their feelings just because of this certain vibe or energy i give them. I guess you can say, people including strangers feel comfortable talking to me.

What pushed me even more to go back to college is because i lost someone to suicide. He was someone who i loved and lived with. What broke me the most is not being able to see the signs because he can be such a private person. Although i knew he was suffering from seasonal depression, i didn’t see the signs until the very last moment he disappeared and was found 2 weeks later. There were wishes … there were moments … there were time… where i just want to go back and fix it all but no matter what scenario i could ever possible think of, i will never find the result or the answer. I have a lot of loved ones in my life suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts & attempts. All i want is to help those in my life and others to ease that pain. I want to read or listen to your stories, i want your story to be heard, i want you to know that you are never alone even if you feel like it.

Vent. Talk. No Judgement at all.


Hi Anonymous J.U!

Thank you for sharing! I really love this post. I love that you are making yourself available for people to feel seen, heard and understood. I am on a similar mission. My vision is to create creative safe space for people to connect and express themselves. Personally, I express myself best through artwork.
I am so sorry that you lost someone to suicide.
I am currently struggling with major depression, anxiety and passive suicidal ideation. Also I’m honestly just on a journey trying to find my footing in life in general.
But recently I’ve found that building authentic connection and having genuine conversation with people makes me feel really warm, fuzzy and alive.
I so admire that you are going to school for this reason and am really happy you are here on talk time. :relaxed:

Been there, and I totally get it.

After discovering a very good friend that brought much needed sunshine into my life, I found that it can’t rain ‘all’ the time, and you are definitely not alone.