Upskill yourself? Have fun learning Chinese/ Mandarin with me

"Have Fun Learning Chinese/ Mandarin" Programme
(1-on-1 Online Chinese/ Mandarin Class)

Fee: $20 / 30 minutes (per session)
Time: Anytime via online
Location: Anywhere via online
Payments: PayPal

Note: You can access anytime and anywhere you like. If you want to go for intensive classes, you may attend more lessons as you wish. (Lessons, Homework & Assessments) Google Classroom; (Seminar/ Workshop, only on monthly basis) Zoom Live

How to buy

Ask questions in the comments. Direct message me if interested. Once all are confirmed and we are good to go, there will be a kick-off call to get you setup and ready to go.

Fun fact about me

My leisure time activities become my expertise and what I am working at LOL

About Me


Hi, I am Ivy Ong from Malaysia. I have 10 years’ experience in editorial line and I am multi-lingual (I was ex-editor for English architecture magazine & former editor-in-chief for Chinese business, food and lifestyle magazines in Malaysia). I am currently a director for my own-set up company doing online & offline branding & marketing, and developing my own e-learning program now aiming towards becoming a trainer and coach.

Some of the magazines that I worked on during the time I was ex-editor and former editor-in-chief

I write and edit articles for print and web, having experience in graphic design and provide one-stop publishing solutions for personals and companies. As I am good in multiple languages, I am also translator and interpreter too. I also have experience in public speaking being the host, presenter and master of ceremony.

I was graduated from Bachelor degree in Performing Arts (Drama) and I am very passionate with teaching and tutoring. I have been working as online tutor for 5 years till now. I have experience in teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speaking students, for adults’ classes from beginner to advanced level.


Academic – Bachelor in Performing Arts (Drama)

Language - Certified as L4 English-Mandarin Medical Specialized Interpreter (MSI) in year 2018 for LanguageLine Solutions, US.


I write my own syllabus completed with lessons, worksheets and assessments, using appropriate teaching materials and creative teaching method. Mainly adult classes, lessons cover speaking, reading & writing from beginner to advanced level (you can also opt for speaking class only).

Who this is for?

Anyone who wish to upskill or learn Mandarin as additional language, for daily or work-related conversations

What I will do?

I come out with an e-Learning programme called ‘Have Fun Learning Chinese/ Mandarin’. Lessons cover speaking, reading and writing. Approx. 30-minutes lesson per session via online including guide sessions for homework and assessments. Students need to turn in their homework or assessments via Google classroom within given time frame.

On weekly/ bi-weekly/ monthly basis (depending on course’s requirements), those who already joined as students can join online seminars as coaching sessions and thematic workshops on specific topics with special rates.

This YouTube link shows how I teach Reading:

This YouTube link shows how I teach Writing:

This YouTube link shows how I guide students through to do the Assessment:

This is the upload lessons, homework and assessments in Google Classroom. Students will be given time to turn in their homework and assessments. All comments and scoring will be reverted to students there too.

My teaching style

Creative teaching method incorporated with relevant Mandarin songs and fun games. Will teach writing with pictograph too. The exercises and assessments are fun and interesting, yet very useful and applicable to daily lives and work too.

What can you expect from my lessons?

For speaking lessons, you will be able to speak Mandarin and communicate with Mandarin-speaking people in daily lives and work. You will be able to write Chinese characters, making up sentences, writing compositions, and will be introduced to different writing styles, at least to the extend you can read and write letters and simple business documents. By picking up more vocabularies, you can read Chinese books and newspapers.

Why me?

I am a language specialist, yet I know how to make language learning easier. So I write my own syllabus completed with lessons, worksheets and assessments, covering speaking, reading and writing lessons. As I am graduated from Performing Arts (Drama), I can design my own worksheets and teaching aid materials, and I am good in creative teaching method. And that’s why I am also able to do my own e-learning video production, all the way from filming, editing up to finished video. Learning is no more boring, but fun and easy for everyone.

Why I’m passionate about this?

I know very well when people master a language skill, they have more opportunities in lives and work. I will be very happy for my students if they are able to pick up a language skill to communicate in daily lives or achieve more in work. I love to see my students progressing and growing.

What else I can do?

I can also conduct classes in groups, for home learners and companies, who want to learn Mandarin business conversation trainings. Syllabus and contents can be customized to meet industrial or business conversation requirements. For companies who engage me to give business conversation trainings (for Mandarin), rates can be further discussed. Groups learning will be held via Zoom live.

Feel free to DM or ask me questions before you make decision, or we can schedule for a FREE online consultation session via Zoom.

YESS! Ivy! Fantastic. Here’s what I love. You state that you have a very creative approach to teaching. Next, you back this up with proof. Your YouTube videos are very well done and I can clearly see how you make learning with you fun. Do you have a sample worksheet that you could share by chance? I’m curious to see what it looks like since you design your own teaching material and teaching aids. You could attach a dropbox or google drive link so everyone can see. Overall, solid work!

Hi, kindly refer to the YouTube videos above. You can see how I teach the Reading and Speaking lessons using my own written syllabus, the worksheets that I use to teach Writing are done by me (where students can access them through Google Classroom once they sign up program with me), and even the Assessments that I guide students to do together (in the third video) are all written by me too. And the purpose I do periodical seminars or workshops with students over Zoom is more towards the practical training, to let students have the chance to practise speaking and conversation, as well as having some thematic workshops to learn writing compositions, business letters and etc. Basically, it’s already a comprehensive e-Learning programme covers Reading, Speaking and Writing (or you can just opt for Speaking class only)

Got it. Thank you for explaining!