Unleash the power to control the one thing you can control in any given situation:YOURSELF!

Have you realized that your emotions are all over the place? Like a significant other may say something you dislike and automatically you lose it. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and have no idea why, You say to yourself you “I just woke up like that.” Society makes us believe that our emotions are not under our control and that when things happen to us and how we react is a natural response. Or you say to yourself " that is just the way I am."I am here to tell you that is not true. WE have complete control of ourselves and we have a choice as to what we think or not think.

Well, I’m a certified life change coach and I am here to help you Experience the Breakthrough of your Authentic Self. I will not only help you take your control back, but I will introduce to you a proven program that I will coach and encourage you through each step until each and every one is mastered and you no longer suffer from a fixed mindset. I genuinely love helping people and I want the very best for each person. Everyone deserves to be able to find their joy.

Spirituality and leadership is also other topics I have proven programs for as well.

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1:1 coaching sessions $65/hour
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