Universe doesn’t speak English or any other language

This is absolutely true.

If you have ever wondered why some affirmations, wishes, prayers do not come true for you… This is because the universe does not understand any language. He does not respond to your words but to your energy and vibration that you have felt at that moment.

The universe speaks with vibration, frequency, energy, and numbers.

So if you want your wishes to be granted in the future, learn his language of communication, which, believe me, it’s not difficult at all. Simply put, the universe sends you the energy that you send to him, something like a boomerang, only multiplied. I’ll give you an example

The best way to learn how to speak with the Universe is very similar like speaking to your dog.


The dog does not understand your words, the dog understands the frequency of the tone, the vibration in your voice, and the energy you bring in with each of your words, and that is how he reacts to your commands.

This is not my video, but this video will serve as good proof. Pay attention.

You have probably seen that a dog is the first to feel an earthquake… An earthquake is nothing but ground vibrations, and a dog feels it a few seconds before it reaches you. Look. (again this is not my video).

Thus, the Universe functions on approximately the same principle. The universe will not understand if you yell at him because he does not understand your words but because of that the anger you feel at that moment will multiply and send you back. Also, if you show gratitude, they will send you even more things to be grateful for. If you lack love, give him love and he will multiply it and give it back to you.

The universe is like the most fertile earth for you, whatever you plant it will give you in large quantities. So choose well not words, but send emotions and beautiful mild vibrations towards it and you will see how quickly beautiful things will happen around you…. And yes it is so simple.

Imagine that you are a baby and the universe is your mother, when you want to look for something from him, feel that emotion, vibration, energy in yourself and he will give it to you. He does not think about whatever you need it or not. You are his favorite child and he gives you what you are looking for because he thinks that the emotion that you feel right now is the emotion that you need it more in life… And be careful, he will always deliver whatever you ask for.

Much love :heart: