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Hi Parents and Students,

I have worked for as an intern and a volunteer for Marilyn Atlas Management during the busy pilot season. I have seen what works and doesn’t work also volunteered as a reader for Austin Film and Eclectic Pictures I believe that I be a great help for anyone wanting to learn the industry. I recently taught a class via Nepris on Screenwriting as a guest speaker. I see that this is a role people want to learn so I am offering my services I saw the posting via Linkdin so hopefully we can work out a fair rate for my services per hour but more importantly I just want to encourage and build the next generation of writers!


Kristopher M. Newcome



If you’re interested send your request to for your time and we can work out payment does 100$ an hour sound good? Thanks we can discuss more later!

I am offering a free Ask Me Anything tomorrow at 11:00 A.M pacific time! Ask me about getting a book into Pre-Sale and reading TV pilots. I will also break down reading as a volunteer and interning for contests, production companies, management and there is so much to have a fun discussion on. I am even willing to read and your material for review contact me at my email above! If interested I will send the Zoom link and you can follow my social Twitter, Linkdin, and Facebook for more updates. K.Micah (@HappyFishandSa1) / Twitter

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AMA Starting here is the link exciting to talk with you about writing! Launch Meeting - Zoom

Still learning this website going to try again tomorrow via zoom for free to discuss writing I should have my website to my Children Book to share as well very soon!

Here is the link to my book in pre-sale! Pre-Publication Donations - The Adventures of Cari and Joe | Redemption Press (