Triathlon Coach or Coordinator

Hi I’m Tommaso Triathlon manager and coach.

I am Italian from Rome, I work in triathlon and I have been passionate about this sport for 20 years.

With my great experience you can ask me anything about it.
Do you want to compete in Italy in Europe and need support for that?

Would you like to prepare a new competitive goal together?

Would you like to start this fantastic sport together?

If you want you can also learn Italian by talking about this sport with me.

You can pay with PayPal or Revolut 600€ a year for a customized plan or €30 per 30’ on Video Call or €15 per week of scheduling (TrainingPeaks)

During my adolescence, my passion for sport emerged first with water polo and sailing and then with the Triathlon. As an athlete, I never had any competitive ambitions, but at the age of 18 I started coaching a small group that over the years has led me to win several individual national team titles and a second place in 2019 (NGH). My working history will revolve completely around the Triathlon, first acquiring the role of Coordinator of Youth Athlete of Central Italy and then with the years “growing” as National Junior Coordinator and U23 (FITRI), roles not technical but managerial that have made me grow a lot from the point of view of relations and management of groups and individuals with an aptitude for problem solving. The roles of junior coordinator and U23 led me to acquire a lot of experience working abroad as coach and national team leader in continental events such as the European Cup and Major Games such as the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires and the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, as well as spending long periods in training camps abroad (mostly Canary Islands) and in Italy.